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Gas Turbine

Air Filtration

Technology Unbiased

Robust, competitive and innovative Solutions.

Work with a pool of world-class manufacturers and engineers.


- Consultancy for GT filters'  


- Turn-key projects

- Unique filter technologies   

  (Hepa, Water Removal)

- Test and reports


- Consultancy to Utilities and Oil
  & Gas end-users

- Retrofits on 40MW and

  300MW gas turbines

- Supply of unique  

  technologies and systems

- Approval of products by OEM's


Continuous research of:

- Market

- Technologies

- In-house lab testing

- Dp and Efficiency

  trends in the field


- Papers (PowerGen, etc)


"Looking at our GT I can't stop smiling!  The plant is doing XXX MW today and is not (even) at base load. It's very rarely done that for

as long as I can remember other than recently after a wash (and even then only at very low ambient temps)   (...) ​

Thanks for all your invaluable advice over the years "

"You can use me as a reference and I am happy to talk to them and/or let you send them our pressure drop graphs as they are rather

impressive (with our E10 soon to be E12 system)!"


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